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Home Plumbing Services

Your home’s plumbing may be out of sight, out of mind until there is an issue. For a Newport Beach, CA family, a plumbing problem can sometimes affect the daily functions within the home. Clogged drains, broken water heaters, and malfunctioning toilets can cause an uncomfortable and unsanitary home life.

For both plumbing emergencies and preventative maintenance, the experts at Tom Moffett Plumbing are ready to service all your plumbing needs with unmatched experience and care. Learn more about our many services below.

Water Heaters and Water Filtration

For all the home activities that require hot water, the water heater becomes one of the most used appliances in the home. Newport Beach, CA residents may use their water heaters for washing dishes, showering, laundry, washing hands, and many other reasons. To keep your home running efficiently, it’s important to have your water heater serviced and flushed at least once per year, especially in areas with hard water. Annual maintenance can help prevent sediment buildup and other common problems so your home never has to function without hot water.

Filtration systems also help prevent sediment buildup in pipes, water lines to various appliances, and fixtures around the home. Hard water makes cleaning dishes and doing laundry that much more difficult, plus it can be harsh on sensitive skin and unhealthy for drinking. Ask us about filtration systems and choose one that is right for your family today.

Toilet Repair and Installation

Toilet problems tend to be on the emergency plumbing side of service calls, as families can rarely live without a toilet for too long. Toilets not flushing or overflowing can create logistical as well as unsanitary problems for a family. Tom Moffett Plumbing is ready to serve with quick solutions for all Newport Beach, CA residents. For speedy toilet repair or installation, call us today.

Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures Installations

Whether you are suffering with an incessantly dripping faucet or simply want to upgrade your outdated kitchen and bathroom fixtures, our plumbing professionals are experts when it comes to proper fixture installation and repair. You don’t have to live with a leaky faucet forever. Discover your options with Tom Moffett Plumbing and benefit from better fixtures throughout your whole home.

Drain Cleaning Services

Clogged drains are something most homeowners experience at least once while living in their homes. However, recurring clogged drains or multiple drains backing up at the same time can indicate a more serious issue.

Professional drain cleaning helps keep your pipes flowing freely with safe and effective solutions. Many store bought drain cleaners don’t solve the root issue or may even create bigger problems afterward. Don’t neglect a proper drain cleaning. Expert drain cleaning and inspections are only a phone call away.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Garbage disposals can be a highly useful tool in a kitchen. Proper care and maintenance can help garbage disposals last a long time. If yours is experiencing problems or a foreign object has gotten lodged in the disposal, it’s time to call the experts at Tom Moffett Plumbing. Our repair, replacement, and installation services will help get your kitchen back to working order once again.

Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks are often hidden issues until something drastic occurs. An overlooked slab leak can lead to shifting foundation, sagging floors, wet spots, low water pressure, mold growth, tilted door and window frames, and sudden spikes in the water bill. Earthquakes can further complicate these issues, so it’s important for Newport Beach, CA residents to know the signs of slab leaks so they can repair them as soon as possible.

Sewer Lines

A broken sewer line is messy enough, but disruptive repair techniques can make the state of your yard even worse. We use less invasive techniques at Tom Moffett Plumbing, and repair sewer lines from the inside. Return to normal functioning without a huge yard disaster with the help from our professionals.

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Lisa Buscarino
February 12, 2021.
Connor Petersen was on time and able to diagnose our sewer line was clogged from a nearby tree. Sixty year old house, what do we expect? Connor was able to give us a quote and understood that we wanted to get a 2nd opinion. We were able to get the 2nd opinion and have Connor P. back out to repair our sewer line. Nothing but praise for Connor P. and Moffett Plumbing, thank you!
Rod Ratzlaff
February 10, 2021.
Scott did a great job. We are looking forward to having him back soon to continue with our plumbing projects.
J.P. Clelland III
February 8, 2021.
Always efficient and friendly.
Gary Perotin
February 7, 2021.
Excellent and skilled
Ann Thorpe
February 6, 2021.
Connor and Jeremy did an excellent job repairing the two items that needed repair. They are both down to earth, courteous, and most important...they cleaned up after themselves! I would highly recommend these well trained plumbers to anyone looking for someone to do the job right the first time.
Janna McCain
February 6, 2021.
Office staff were friendly and helpful, even when needing to reschedule. When John arrived he was professional, polite, and very patient to explain his different attempts to find and address a complex issue on my 90 yr old house. Wonderful experience, looking forward to using Tom Moffett again for future projects and repairs! Thank you!
Andy Thomsen
February 3, 2021.
Called and received a same-day appointment. Repair was more expensive than I anticipated but work was done well and the technicians were fantastic! Very nice and highly skilled. I was very satisfied with the experience!