5 Essential Plumbing Tips For Pet Owners

September 30th, 2016 | Plumbing

Pet Owners, This Is For You:

What would we be without our pets? They show their owners a kind of compassion that can’t be found elsewhere, not to mention they love unconditionally. No matter what kind of pet preferences you have, we can all agree that animals are some of the greatest companies we could ask for, so much that they become family. However, unlike the rest of your family members, pets are furry and some require litter, which can put a toll on your plumbing system.

We’ve put together some helpful plumbing tips for you and your furry friend. Now, you can spend more time playing with and loving on your pet and less time dealing with plumbing issues!

Prevent Clogs with Drain Stopper or Strainer

If you’re bathing your furry friend in the shower or bathtub, you could be causing a serious clog in your drain. Even if you have a dog or cat that doesn’t appear to shed that much, or even at all, the truth is that all pets shed to some extent, often more than we think. You can prevent clogs and keep your pipes cleaner by using a drain stopper or strainer. This will also help make cleaning the tub easier, which is an all-around win!

Use Drain Covers & Wrap Exposed Pipes

Exposed pipes and drains can be a threat to your home and your pets. When developing their teeth, puppies and kittens may choose your pipes as their play-thing to chew on. It’s also possible that your young pet could hurt themselves by getting a paw caught in a drain. To avoid potential issues, cover or wrap exposed pipes and drains. Make sure your pet has enough chew toys to keep occupied. If you have a smaller critter, like a hamster, you’ll want to especially ensure floor drains are closed off.

Use Caution When Flushing

Your toilet bowl may be the preferred water bowl for your pet. While this may not bother you, your toilet and pipes may say otherwise. When cats reach into your toilet bowl, they may be carrying cat litter on their paws, which could eventually lead to a clog. Furthermore, avoid flushing pet waste and litter at all costs! Even if the product says it’s “flushable,” it could still harm your pipes.

Ensure Safe Water Pressure

Just because a temperature feels comfortable to you doesn’t mean it’s the same for your pet. Often, pet owners either use water that’s too hot or too cold without really knowing it. Usually, the problem lies in the water pressure levels. You can ensure safe water pressure by installing a balancing valve or by double-checking the ones you already have. Always test the temperature on yourself before bath time. If it’s too hot for you, then it’s too hot for your pet.

The pressure that is too high can insight fear in your pet, making bath time a miserable experience for all parties involved. You also don’t want the pressure that is too low because then you might be in there for a much longer time.

Leave Plenty of Water Out

When your pet runs out of water and they’re thirsty, rest assured they’ll go to great measures to find some. Some pets are clever enough to have learned how to turn on faucets. This could be especially dangerous, especially if you’ve turned a sink into your cat’s bed because you think it’s cute to see them cuddled up there. If something is covering the drain, and your pet turns on the faucet, this could potentially flood your house, or at the very least, run your water bill up.

The safest thing to do is leave plenty of fresh water out for your pets so that they don’t have to try to find it elsewhere. For added safety, keep bathroom doors closed when you’re not home.

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