5 Reasons To Join Our Family Maintenance Plan

November 18th, 2016 | Latest News, Tips & Tricks, Plumbing

Become Part of the Tom Moffett Plumbing Family

When you invest in something with your hard-earned money, you want peace of mind that the product is going to live up to its promises, whether it’s through a service plan or through guarantees. Lucky for you, we’re in the business of doing both. Your plumbing system is an integral part of your home, so it makes sense that you’d want only the most professional, trusted technicians handling it.

At Tom Moffett Plumbing, family is the cornerstone of our business; after all, we are known as the “family plumber.” Our goal has always been to make the lives of our customers easier, and we believe that our maintenance plan will do just that. See for yourself!

“In 2008, we discovered a means of providing service at a level my father can be proud of, by introducing THE Family Plan. With THE Family Plan’s regularly scheduled safety inspections, you can now maintain your plumbing system proactively, heading off problems before they occur. You’ll face plumbing emergencies with confidence, knowing that with our “Front of the Line” service, you will be our highest priority: 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.” – Michael Moffett, President

Every plumbing company is going to be different, from the service technicians who come to your home to the quality of service they provide, and of course, to the types of services they provide. We provide a level of service that exceeds customer expectations.

THE Family Plan

Should you elect to join our maintenance plan for $16.95 per month, here are the VIP benefits you will reap:

  1. $200 in Free Service: Once each year, a member of my expert plumbing team (certified service technician) will give your home a thorough inspection, scheduled service, and FREE plumbing system adjustments. The complete list includes over 300 different items… a $200 value alone.
  2. Front of the Line Service: As a member of THE Family, you’ll go to the front of the line and to the top of our appointment book if you ever need plumbing service. You are our top priority!
  3. 15% Discount on All Repairs: As a member of THE Family, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of any unadvertised specials we offer. What’s more, you get a 15% discount on all plumbing repair services.
  4. Two Year Warranty Extension: Members of THE Family receive an additional two-year extension for a total of three years material and labor coverage*. Members of our Lifetime Family Plan receive a lifetime warranty on ALL fixtures supplied and installed by TMP during your membership
  5. Membership is Free for 12 Months: For the first 12 months, your accumulated monthly dues are credited towards any future service or product you purchase. If you want a new faucet or water heater or plumbing service, you can credit 100% of the membership dues you’ve paid toward the purchase or service cost. In other words, your membership, as well as the preceding 4 benefits, cost you nothing… you can’t lose!

*Excludes drain cleaning, customer provided material, and repairs made on products when replacement is recommended.

Remember that peace of mind we mentioned earlier? Well, here it is! We understand the value of being able to rest easy knowing that no matter what, someone is always there to pull through for you and your family. Joining our maintenance plan means having constant peace of mind. Need first-rate service fast? We’ve got you covered. Want competitive pricing? With our discount repair and replacement services, you’re guaranteed a cheaper price.

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