What Not To Put Down Your Disposal: A Thanksgiving Guide

November 23rd, 2016 | Tips & Tricks, Garbage Disposals

Keep Your Disposal Flowing This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! We at Tom Moffett Plumbing hope that you have a wonderful day filled with laughter, festivities, and of course, good food! Families across the country will spend a greater part of their day preparing delectable dishes and desserts. And while your friends and family may enjoy the food you have braised, boiled, barbecued, or baked, your plumbing is worried about what’s to come in the aftermath.

After everyone’s stomach feels full, happy, and regretful, it’s time to cleanup – be careful what you put down your garbage disposal! Everyone dreads the cleanup process, but don’t let your disdain lead to carelessness. One of our busiest times of the year is the day after Thanksgiving; customers call us to repair – can you guess? – clogged disposals. Avoid having to put your family and festivities on hold by following our guidelines on what not to put down your disposal.

With all the hustle and bustle going on today, we wanted to make your life a little easier by creating a graphic that you can print out and pin on to your refrigerator.

If you do happen to experience a hiccup on Thanksgiving, whether it be garbage disposal-related or not, we hope that you will give us a call. We’re committed to ensuring your safety, comfort, and peace of mind. We provide 24-hour emergency service so that we can address your concerns as soon as possible.

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