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Our Orange County slab leak detection professionals are trained and experienced in isolating the location of a hidden slab leak and professionally repair it - We are proud to offer emergency service 24/7, with no after-hours fees.

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A slab leak in your home is often very difficult to detect. At Moffett Plumbing & Air, we specialize in slab leak repair. Our Orange County slab leak detection experts have the experience to isolate the location of the slab leak and professionally repair it. Regardless of the cause, we can quickly diagnose the problem and give several options for the best course of action.

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What is a Slab Leak?

In homes without basements, the plumbing pipes are installed directly into the concrete foundation as well as throughout the walls. When one of the pipes in the concrete slab springs a leak, it is called a slab leak (whereas the other leaks above ground are referred to as pinhole leaks). Slab leaks are among the most dangerous types of plumbing leaks because they occur directly in the concrete foundation of your home and can cause extensive damage if they aren’t repaired quickly enough. At Moffett Plumbing & Air, we can quickly detect slab leaks throughout Orange County and provide a prompt and effective plumbing solution to prevent further damage.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks usually occur as the result of a number of different factors, but the most common is improper pipe installation during the construction of your home. A water pipe that was not wrapped properly, or was bent or dented in any way during the construction process could eventually wear down faster, causing it to develop a hole over time. Soil may also cause a chemical reaction when coming into contact with a copper pipe, causing it to break down. Whatever the cause, slab leaks should be dealt with as soon as you suspect them. There are a few common indications that your home may have a slab leak.

Common signs that your home has a slab leak:

  • Unusually high water bill
  • Warm spots on your floor
  • Water heater that runs even when appliances using hot water are not in use
  • Excess water pooling near your foundation
  • Damp carpet or wet spots on hardwood flooring
  • Reduced water pressure in your home

How We Repair Your Slab Leaks

There are many different ways to repair slab leaks. Our Orange County slab leak repair professionals can determine the most cost-effective procedure yet create a solution that will completely take care of the problem.

In order to effectively repair your slab leak, we may:

Jackhammer the slab

This procedure opens up the slab where we can visually find the leak. This tends to be the most economical procedure and provides the opportunity to properly repair the leak.

Reroute the water line

There are times when a leak occurs underneath expensive fixtures like bathtubs or showers, or under very expensive flooring where the cost of repair may be prohibitive. In this case, we would reroute the water pipes to take the broken water line out of the system. New water lines could be rerouted around where the expensive fixtures or flooring are located. In other cases, we will route the water lines into the walls or ceiling.

Suspect a Slab Leak? Call us Immediately!

Moffett Plumbing & Air highly recommends that a slab leak is addressed and repaired immediately. Water leaks can be detrimental to the structural integrity of your home with the formation of mold, as well as an excellent place for termites to nest. Plus, if a known slab leak is neglected, it is possible for some insurance companies to reject any claims for subsequent water damage.

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